Friday, August 31, 2007

Snapped Off

Snapped Off

That’s been the feeling lately. I’ve been getting snapped off.

Have you ever gone through a streak so bad, you wonder how you ever liked playing poker? Yet, you’re determined to get back to the table.

I’m not going to tell everyone about my “bad beat” stories. I hate them. I really do. People lose to one and two outers. I sucked out on two people once with a two (set over set over set, I had bottom set and hit quads on the river).

But you know what I hate more than bad beat stories, cocky fish. Yeah, I said it – COCKY!

There are so many who play as though they what they’re doing. I’m one of them, but I feel I have some sort of knowledge when it comes to playing poker. I’ve read a ton of Skalansky books. Some not Skalansky books. And plenty of columns. I know the theory and the math.

Yet, I never get used to the luck factor. Lately, I’ve run into some bad luck. Like the other day having rolled 8’s in stud, (First three starting cards are the same) and the guy to my left catches the case 8 for an inside straight.

However, instead of acting gracious, he raked in his pot with his ‘I know what I’m doing’ look. That’s ok. At least he didn’t speak.

Later on, I hit a flush on FIVE cards and win the pot. His comment, “Only I’m supposed to make those kinds of hands.” But it wasn’t joking or playful. Oh, only you’re supposed to suck out, sir.

I wish more people were like Mario the Magician. Mario hits one- and two-outers like it’s his job. But he’s fun to play with and sometimes – only sometimes – you don’t mind losing to the guy. He makes losing tolerable, if not enjoyable.

Become someone people don’t mind losing to. You’ll end up being paid off in the end, if you’re lucky.

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