Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Revel closing its poker room

From US Poker:

Revel announced over the weekend that it will close its poker room by August 15, 2013.  It may close earlier if all promotional money is paid out before that date.  The struggling Atlantic City casino posted this announcement at the Two Plus Two forum over the weekend.
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NorthJersey.com had a statement from Revel:

“After careful consideration and in an effort to further improve the overall operating performance of Revel Casino Hotel, management has made the decision to close our poker room operations effective August, 2013.”
“Offering poker as an amenity on the property will be considered in the future as a component of an overall strategy related to our online opportunities. We have a very talented team of professionals who work in poker operations and we are actively working to place as many as we can in other areas.”

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Friday, July 26, 2013

British Gaming company eyes Atlantic City to enter online poker market

From NorthJersey.com

British-based 2UP Gaming has announced it has a letter of intent in hand from an Asian investment group for 215 million pounds (about $331 million US) that “will facilitate 2UP’s planned entry into the United States Internet Gaming market by providing it the means to build or acquire a hotel/casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.”

The company operates the online gaming website 2UP.com, so this effort obviously relates to the planned launch late this year of online gaming in New Jersey.

Only companies that operate Atlantic City casinos can offer the online gambling, so this cash infusion would allow for that hurdle to be cleared. Casinos in the city have gone for as little as $20 million to $50 million in completed and uncompleted deals in recent years, so this investment can reach far beyond a straight building purchase. Of course, they could think about trying to build a new one as well, as was hinted. 

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Rumor: Revel said to be refusing slot refund promotion to some customers

From Legal Us Poker Sites: 

At the end of June, Revel unveiled a slots rebate program which is essentially exactly what it sounds like: Revel promised to refund players for any losses up to $100,000 beginning on the first of July.
This promotion apparently was of especial interest to players known as “advantage players” – that is to say players who are familiar with how to take advantage of particular machines, games, and offers to their best benefit. Rumors currently swirling on gambling forums allege that advantage players have been denied refunds by Revel despite the fact that some have racked up tens of thousands of dollars in losses on the machines.
Furthermore, some players are saying they were not denied refunds, but were outright banned from participating in the promotion from the start. While none of the allegations have been revealed in the mainstream media nor has Revel publicly commented about the accusations, there are some who say that the casino maintains a list of names of advantage players and has blocked them from benefitting from the slot rebate program.
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