Wednesday, August 29, 2007

AC on the Rise

Revel Entertainment Group has revealed its plans for the casino it intends to build next to the Showboat, which is currently the last casino on the Boardwalk.

Yes, the shady part of town.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, Dennis M. Farrell Jr., a gaming analyst for Wachovia Capital Markets, predicted that Revel's casino will do for the northern end of the Boardwalk what the trend-setting Borgata did for the Marina District when it opened in 2003.

"Just imagine what the reception would be if Borgata was on the Boardwalk," Farrell said. "It will really help the northeastern end of the Boardwalk kind of blossom. As you put more bodies down there, you'll really have more excitement in that area."

The unnamed caisno will be the tallest in Atlantic city reaching feet high. The plans will be released later this week to the public, but without I can't tell you anything about the poker room.

I feel however this casino treats poker is a tell-tale sign about the future of poker. If it's a beautiful room such as Borgata's with 85-tables and lists longer than my arm, then poker has its roots firmly planted in the industry. However, if it only has a smaller 25 to 30 card room, it's not going to take the game seriously and look at it as only precious space that could be used for slot machines.

But that's not the only reason to hit the new casino. It boast the first wedding chapel in the resort. We're looking at two to three years before this casino is finished. That's enough time to plan a wedding.

Check out The Press' story here.

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