Monday, August 13, 2007

A.C. Bad Beat Jackpots

The Harrah's properties and the Hilton have Bad Beat Jackpots in Atlantic City.

Here is a list of the current jackpots (as of Monday night).

Bally's: ~ 97,000
Caesars (Didn't answer the phone when I called): less than $20,000. It got hit at $130,000 and then $27,000 recently. It was reseeded to $10,000 just last week.
Harrahs: ??? Apparently it's too busy on a Monday to answer the phone. UPDATE: I was told the jackpot is around $53,000 by a reliable source.
Hilton: ~$27,000
Showboat: $30,363

I'm going to try and update the totals every Friday from now on. This way anyone who wants to come down on the week will know the jackpot totals.


Anonymous said...

Your source isn't that reliable. He's more lucky than good.


Sooz said...

He's not lucky. Trust me.

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