Saturday, August 18, 2007

Poker for the Soul

Poker is smart.

Don’t believe me? Okay, maybe you’ll believe Charles Nesson. He’s only a Harvard Law Professor. Oh? You’re impressed suddenly.

Nesson, along with thousands of other poker players, have realized there is more to poker than just throwing your chips into the middle of the pot. Serious poker players know there is strategy, knowledge and risk during every opportunity.

However, many people look at poker as just game. However, Nesson will announce the formation of the Global Poker Strategic Thinking Society in Singapore tomorrow. He sees poker as an educational tool in schools to tech everything from the basics of life to military war strategy.

“Poker is ONE of the best metaphors for teaching life skills across a variety of disciplines,” Nesson, a founder of Harvard’s Berkman Center on Internet Law, told the Associated Press.

Many people feel poker is just a game. On the simplest level it is, but poker is more than that, which many people are beginning to realize. You can use lessons learned in poker in everyday life.

You can talk to your grocer in a way that will get information out of him and perhaps finagle him in to making a deal. You can tell when your children are lying by the way the twirl their hair or can’t look at you. In poker talk, this is called picking up tells.

Strategy is important as well. In poker, you set up your opponents to make the most mistakes and capitalize on them. This happens every day in the office. You try to take advantage when a co-worker fumbles.

Nesson hopes that in time university will pick up this theory. Then, they GPSTS will hold championship events in a bracket format.

Until then, I’ll see you on the felt.

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