Friday, August 10, 2007

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I went Bob’s Celebration of Life Party today and it was very special. I met his wife, who even though she didn’t know us, couldn’t have been happier to see us.

I didn’t know Bob on a personal level. I knew him just from dealing, but as I said previously, he was my favorite dealer. She talked about Bob with all smiles. He was a fun loving guy who just wanted to do the things he enjoyed in life.

She told us that he used to say, if he as going to die, than he would want to while doing what he loved. My boyfriend and I didn’t know anyone at the party, but that was fine.

We walked around, looked at his pictures, and learned even more about his life. He used to own a sub shop in the area and his spinach sandwich was voted Best of the Press. His obituary talked about the thing he loved to do everyday, one of which was reading The Press every morning. I felt a little better thinking he read my stuff on a daily basis.

His wife said that they had the party instead of a wake because she knew that’s not what he would have wanted. He went through life happy and would have wanted people to enjoy his life after death.

It’s no consolation, but the Caesars poker room is worse off without him. His family lost a great man.

Bob DeNofio
January 26, 1954 – August 1, 2007

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