Sunday, August 12, 2007

Welcome to the Future

Recently, the Casino Control Commission granted Atlantic City the right to test out electronic table games for poker and roulette.

"I think it adds a new element to the Atlantic City market," Casino Control Commission Chair Linda M. Kassekert told the Press of Atlantic City in an article last week, "and is particularly important because Pennsylvania and Delaware have them."

The electronic poker tables will look like real poker tables, but with screens where the players would read their cards.

No casino has applied to test the table games – yet.

It’s already happening around the world. The Four Winds Casino in New Buffalo, Mich., has become the first fully automated poker room in the world (70 miles from downtown Chicago). The room features 15 PokerTek ‘Poker Pro” ten-seated tables and four PokerPro heads up tables, according to

The room does well, but it is the only option for people living in that area.

However, my personal feeling is there a lot lost without a dealer. I’ve dealt with terrible dealers and get annoyed with them, but it doesn’t matter. I would rather have a dealer than a computer.

It’s like baseball and people who want to get umpires replaced with instant replay. The human element is part of the game. People who want to get rid of dealers to get electronic poker games, in my opinion, are cheap and have nothing better to do. They don’t want to tip and would rather see the money going to the casino than a hard-working person’s pocket.

There are also tells you notice with players who shuffle their cards a certain way or play with them. There are things players do with their chips.

If I wanted to play poker by punching a bunch of buttons, I would sit at home and play on the Internet. I don’t like playing on the Internet; therefore, I go to the casinos. I don’t mind tipping dealers; I’ll even deal with the rake.

I don’t want to deal with computers deciding the fate of my cards.
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