Monday, August 06, 2007

Don't Feed the Dealers

Just tip them.

Playing throughout Atlantic City I notice a terrible trend – the lack of tipping for dealers is disturbing.

When I am playing and I see a person win a pot for $15+ and they don’t tip, I make sure to say something. Sometimes it comes out friendly. “Oh sweetie, don’t forget the dealer.” Then, I give a little wink. Sometimes, well, actually many times, it comes out bitchy such as when I lose a big pot to someone. “Make sure to give the dealer a little of my money.”

People forget that when they are playing poker, yes, it’s a game, but for the dealers it’s work. They have to deal with talking on the phone (which is against the rules), people blatantly showing cards to their neighbor, collusion. This isn’t a game to these guys, it’s work. Crappy work when dealing with the likes of yo…I mean, terrible human beings.

Take for example, “Priscilla” Queen of the Damned. She was playing at one of the fabulous Atlantic City poker rooms last week. She is such a high roller and so important that $2-$4 limit was the game for her.

There was nothing wrong with anything she did. It didn’t matter that she was showing the cards to the guy next to her, who didn’t want to get in her pants, only she didn’t know it. She thought that every time she showed “Gregory” her cards, it was closer to loosening his belt. Sad thing was when he got back from the bathroom, his brown leather belt was turning his lower body blue.

During one hand, she showed Gregory her cards while he had cards himself and didn’t do anything. So the dealer tells her she can’t do that. Her response rather than I’m sorry is “What’s your problem?”

The dealer: My problem is you’re a dumb bitch who can’t follow rules.

Actually, that was in his head. He didn’t say that to her, though I wish he would have. I did.

Later on that night, she’s in another with Crazy Asian. They were raising and capping every turn. In the end, she losses the pot and has just $6 left in front of her. While the dealer is shuffling, CA throws her five red chips, which is against the rules. You cannot give chips out of your stack to other people on the table. It promotes collusion and is not allowed, but why would Priscilla care.

The dealer doesn’t miss anything and says, “What was that?”

Priscilla, graceful as a fairy princess, says: “It was for the blowjob I gave him out in the parking lot?”

Precious, isn’t she? The dealer says: “Even if you don’t have respect for yourself, there are other people at the table. Have a little for them.”

He then proceeds to tell her to give the money back. She’s complaining and yelling and then decided it’s time to fight the dealer.

Priscilla: Do you have a girlfriend?
Dealer: Is this supposed to be an insult?
Priscilla: Yeah.
Dealer: Well, I do and you’re not my type, so don’t bother.

Huffing and puffing proceeds and Priscilla runs off the table to a floor person. She tells him what happens and all she gets is a shrug.

The moral of this story is don’t be a bitch to the dealers. Enjoy yourself without breaking the rules and please tip your dealers.

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