Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Crap out

The poker rooms in Atlantic City are very different from each other. There are relaxed, laid-back types of places such as the Showboat. There are high-energy rooms such as the Borgata. They all offer something different and depending on what you enjoy, you can find a room that fits your game.

As most people know, poker doesn’t make the casino a lot of money. Most games low limits, which are raked games (10 percent of every pot up to $4 goes back to the casino). In a timed game, the casino makes a little more.

So how do the casinos get that money back? It has people sitting in the rooms for hours and hours, downing free drinks. There has to be a way to tap in to that money.

The Borgata so far has done it the best, they do just about everything well. The poker room is on the same level as the casino floor (it used to be the basement). When you walk out of the room, there are tons of table games and slots. However, they recently changed the table game that used to be in front of the poker room.

The Borgata changed it from the Texas Hold ‘Em table game to craps, every gamblers’ favorite game. On top of that, these craps tables aren’t just for high rollers. With tons of $2-$4 limit and $1-$2 to $2-$5 no limit players, the Borgata smartly put $5 to $10 craps tables right outside the door.

As players walk out of the room and see a huge crowd around the table screaming for their numbers, the urge to roll the dice seeps into their body.

There is a reason Borgata is the premiere casino in Atlantic City. They are willing to change and adapt where needed.

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