Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Say Bye to the Sands

Demolition crews began tearing down the Sands Casino yesterday making way for a Pinnacle Entertainment Inc., casino. The cute Lucky 7’s slot reel was torn down along with the yellow chips.

The Sands is close to no more.

In all likelihood, this casino is going to be best on the boardwalk. Then again, this isn’t saying much. (cough cough cesspool cough Taj cough).

The Sands was such a dump that Pinnacle plans to celebrate its destruction. The casino’s implosion is set for sometime in October (no date set) and a grand firework show will be held afterward.

I can only imagine that the poker at the Pinnacle is going to be on par with the Borgata. The Pinnacle, though not opening for at least another three years, has plastered billboards across Atlantic City. As a casino company, they have to know that poker draws people into casinos and there aren’t many who know how not to play other games than poker.

I’m expecting something grand. I hope I am not disappointed.

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