Monday, July 23, 2007

Visiting Poker Player Gets Stuck at the Trop

James Shust, who was whisked away from the poker room at the Tropicana by his girlfriend on July 12, was stuck in an elevator for nearly three hours, according to The Press of Atlantic City.

Three hours.

And you know what kind of treatment he got in that time? None.

He rang the alarm three times and no one came to the speaker. He called the front desk on his cell phone and the woman who answered told him the engineer and elevator company were on the way and then hung up on him. She didn't give him reassuring words and try to comfort the man. All she did was hang up on him.

Apparently, the Trop is making cut backs around the entire casino, including friendliness.

So for getting stuck for three hours, having no one talk to him to let him know his fate, the casino offered $1,000. Real sweet. Really. After all, they have laid off hundreds of people because they have to save money. I guess The Quarter, which is packed every day, doesn't do enough business for the hotel.

I bet Shust and his girlfriend dropped that much money just playing at the Trop and that's all the casino can offer as retribution.

If they weren't the only casino in town that offered $3-$6 stud, I would never play there.

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