Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harrah's Jackpot Hit

Harrah's Poker Bad Beat Jackpot was hit on Thursday in a $2-$4 limit game. Anytime the jackpot hits on 2-4 game, it seems like almost a waste. The jackpot was for about $19,000 and the dealer didn't even crack $1,000 in tips.

That's pretty terrible if you ask me. On top of that, one woman had just sat at the table and went to the bathroom before a hand was dealt. The hand that was dealt while she was in the bathroom was the bad beat hand. One guy gave her $20.

The way the jackpot works is that if aces full of jacks or better is beaten, you win 50 percent of the jackpot. The winner of the hand gets 25 percent and the rest of the table split the remaining 25 percent.

Odd rumors: I heard two rumors tonight that either incredibly crazy or terribly crazy. One player told me that he heard there was a fake bomb found at Showboat. A car was doused in gasoline and had wires sticking out of it to make it look like a bomb.

The other rumor I heard was that an actual bomb was found at Bally's. This I heard from a Harrah's dealer. That's all I have on that. And since this is only a blog I can post any rumors I hear.

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