Monday, July 30, 2007

All you need is a vest

Someone at Harrah’s (actually I know, I just don’t want to name names) thought it would be a great idea for the poker dealers to wear black vests with their “spice” colored, polyester shirts.

These are tuxedo vests with the WSOP emblem on the breast. The vests are hideous and worse hot.

The dealers were so uncomfortable after one hour of wearing them that a shift supervisor put the kibosh on the vests Saturday night. Apparently, all but one person at Harrah’s (the unnamed person who thought it was good idea) felt these vests were the perfect fit to the Harrah’s poker room that is losing business.

Because vests will make the room more money. The vests draw bigger crowds and create more action on the games. The vests also offer incentives and are friendly enough to invite players back to the casino again.

Vests are the answer to everything.

Or, the answer to nothing.

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