Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vivek Rajkumar Wins Borgata Poker Tour

On the 48th hand of the night, Rajkumar won the Borgata Poker Open. It was in much better time than Wednesday's tournament day.

Here is the hand synopsis from the Borgata Poker Blog:

Vivek Rajkumar has the button. He raises to 550,000. Sang Kim re-raises to 1,050,000. Vivek re-re-raises to 2,500,000. Sang goes all in. Vivek calls. Vivek has Ad-Js and Sang has As-Qh. The flop is Jd-10s-7s and the crowd erupts! The turn is the Ah. The river is the 8s! Sang Kim finishes in second.


Freddie said...

Good reporting. Thanks for keeping up this blog. I would do it the same way you are. But try to make some money with it somehow... maybe if you get enough regular hits you can get bigger advertisers.

Was the USPC info online somehwhere or did the Taj people just hand you a paper with it? They should have a better web presence.

Sooz said...

Thanks, I appreciate it. I am trying to make it better and add more posts as I can. Stupid work gets in the way sometimes.

I had to go down to the Taj and get the results from them. The results were on paper near the podium. It took all of 20 seconds to grab them.

It's not as though there are a ton of results because the entrants are low, so I don't know why they aren't keeping up to date on the results.

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