Monday, September 29, 2008

A night of grinding

God, I wish that meant something different. However, I spent roughly three hours playing at Harrah's on Saturday to grind out a decent win playing $1-$2. I don't like to talk about how much I actually won. I equate it with asking someone about their salary. It's just not call.

It took me an hour and a half before I won my first pot, but I don't really think about that as a problem. I spent that time watching and reading. When I finally entered a pot, at least two people mentioned how I haven't played many hands.

There's the first thing I knew I could exploit. If people are announcing that I'm playing tight, well I'll use it to my advantage. I just had to wait for the right moment.

It happened a little while later when I had A-4s in the cut off. Three people limp in before me and I eyed to the woman to my left who had chips in her hand. Seeing, I am going to get odds, I throw my money in.

The small blind raises it $12. Everyone who called before, calls now and the woman has $10 in her hand again. She was helpful all night. I knew if I was going to get odds on my money. I knew when she did and did not have a hand. It was because of her that I ended winning this hand.

The board comes out 8-3-4 rainbow. I have a silly pair and no spades come out, it's time to run away from the hand because of the big field. The initial bettor leads out for $15. It folds to me and I don't make a move right away, but the woman next to me folds out of turn.

The dealer mentions I still have cards.

The initial bettor looks at his hand and places it back down. I announce raise and pick up a stack of chips and just cut down to $35. There were few possible outcomes here and this was all the money I planned to put into the pot.

1.       He folds and I win.

2.       He calls and I know where I stand.

3.       He raises and I get the Hell out.

He picked option one and I picked up a small pot. The dealer gave me a funny looking because he knew that I had nothing. However, my nothing was still better than the SB's nothing. That was my whole night. I picked up small pots here and there and decided around midnight it was time to go home.

Work has taken over my life and today was my first day off in a week. I had a little bit of time on Saturday to play some cards, so I took advantage of it.

I have to travel for work and I was hoping for Los Angeles. I was going to check out a card room or two if I was sent out there. Instead, I am going to Milwaukee. If anyone knows anywhere to play poker in Milwaukee, give me a shout.

P.S. If anyone is looking for results of the U.S. Poker Championships. Head over to Card Player. The results for most of the tournament are updated. Sometimes it takes a while for them to show up, but at least the results are being posted now.



There are 10 poker rooms in Wisonsin and one in Milwaukee.
This site is helpful to find rooms anywhere on the planet:

Sooz said...


I love you.

FREDDIE said...

Make sure you report on your trip to Brewer-land...

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