Friday, September 05, 2008

A Connecticut side trip

The Sr. Marketing VP of Mohegan Sun talked me into it. I was considering checking out the week-old, 43-table poker room and he invited me – along with the rest of the audience – to check out the new Tower of the Wind. That sealed it.

I’m working at the Basketball Hall of Fame this weekend and plan on leaving tonight to avoid Hanna, however, the drive South is going to take me right into the storm’s path.

I’ll only check out the room and rate it based on what I know, the Atlantic City casinos. I don’t on playing (but that could always change) because as far as game play goes, there shouldn’t be much difference. Poker in poker anywhere you go.

In one room you could have every table playing differently. It depends on the players.
Check back later for my take on the room at Mohegan Sun and, maybe, some shots from my camera phone.

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