Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 3 of the Borgata Poker Open finished

Day 3 mercifully came to an end at the Borgata Poker Open around 7 p.m. This has been the earliest of the three days so far and everyone involved with the tournament is thrilled. The first two days were nearly 12 hours each with several small breaks and only one lengthy break.

The 69 that came back for Day 3 played until there were 27 left and then called it quits. They will come back on Wednesday and play until there are just six left. Those six will then play on Thursday for the television portion of the Borgata Poker Open that will be seen on FSN as part of the World Poker Tour.

Flyers' Scottie Upshall busted out in 52nd place and netted $15,000 for the two charities he is playing for, the Flyers Wives for Life and the Kids Foundation that he helped create along with a fellow hockey player.

Read the Card Player article on Day 3 here and if you need constant updates the guys over at the Borgata Poker Blog are doing a great job.

Here the chip counts heading into Wednesday as per the WPT.

Dan Heimiller - 2,870,000
Vivek Rajkumar - 1,756,000
Thayer Rasmussen - 1,413,000
Steven Levy - 1,317,000
Jason Strochak - 1,266,000
Nicky Frangos - 1,140,000
Andrew Knee - 1,091,000
Mark Seif - 1,087,000
Patrick Carney - 1,050,000
Stephen Vanauken - 1,009,000
John Myung - 946,000
Michael Binger - 718,000
Steve Dannenmann - 627,000
Ted Forrest - 607,000
Bobby Shasta - 606,000
Ralph Villela - 345,000
Christopher Baksh - 344,000
Vinh Nguyen - 336,000
Sang Kim - 316,000
Mikiya Takitani - 301,000
Randy Pfeifer - 288,000
Robert Toft - 269,000
Nam Le - 235,000
Kevin Lang - 209,000
Chris Arvanitis - 177,000
Natale Kuey - 175,000
Chris Bell - 165,000



Are there any TAJ USPC results or updates online (Taj site has nothing up)?

Sooz said...

Sadly, I have not being able to find anything on it online. I am going to have to go over there sometime today or tomorrow and have a look around to see if I could find results.

Last year, they were good with sending them to CardPlayer, but not a single tournament's results have been posted yet.

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