Sunday, June 06, 2010

What if you were this guy?

Imagine sitting in the Taj Mahal poker rooms for hours. Bathroom breaks are kept to a minimum and eating only happens when you know what you have time to make a phone call for takeout. You don't want to leave the game for the possibility of that table hitting the bad beat.

Sadly, this story is true and was told by the dealer on the game.

On Saturday, the bad beat jackpot could have been hit for over $650,000 at the Taj Mahal. It probably should have been hit.

We'll call this man Bob (because Bob is a nice name). Bob had pocket 8's in a $1/$2 no-limit game. While I don't know the exact flop, it's not going to matter. The flop came down with an 8 and two cards to a flush.

Bob bet with his set and was called. The turn brought the third flush card and also created a straight. Bob bet and Player A moved all-in against him. Looking at the board, Bob sees the flush and the straight and decided he doesn't want to lose all his stack with one card to come.

Bob folds.

Player A shows he had straight flush.

Bob says to the dealer: "Let me the next card. Let me see a rabbit."

Dealer: "No rabbit-hunting."
Bob: You don't understand. I had three 8s, I have to see if I would have hit the bad beat."

The dealer relents.

She flips the last card over .... 8.

Poor Bob. that would have $325,000 that would have been all his if he just called on the turn.

Bob went home angry as I am sure the rest of that table did since they missed on a pay day of more than $20,000.


Paul Katcher said...

The guy who raised enough on the turn to force out a set royally screwed himself and the table.

You bet to either make a better hand fold or build a pot against a worse one. He made a worse hand fold when the only consequence of letting someone catch up was $325,000. Ultimate fail.

Bob's rabbit hunt cost his friends and family a lifetime of hearing the same hard luck story repeated.

Sooz said...

When I heard the story I wouldn't understand why the guy with the straight flush would move all-in.

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