Sunday, June 27, 2010

They keep growing, and growing, and growing ...

Harrah's has been hit with more lawsuits this month. Four more harrasment litigations against the company have been filed against the company, including some with issue in the poker room. That's 32 lawsuits filed against Harrah's and its sister properties.

The Bridgeton News has an article (link) showing two complaints, one at Harrah's poker room and the other at Showboat's.

Here's what the article states about the complaints at the Showboat:

Another complaint, which includes new defendants, states a female poker room employee at Showboat had been the victim of derogatorycomments about sexual acts supervisors stated she would perform with others.

Supervisors Kellie DeCelis and Hoon Cho are named, among other management officials, in the complaint.

The complaint continues, noting that the alleged victim was ultimately fired while DeCelis received a promotion.

Here is the complaint involving Harrah's poker room supervisor John Arthur:

"Among other things, John Arthur referred to women as wenches, remarked that he carried a ni - stick and that a certain employee was a pole smoker in describing a homosexual," reads the complaint.

The complaints states a shift manager in the poker room who had, among others, sent written and verbal complaints to Arthur as well as management and human resources officials.

However, the shift manager stated he later had problem taking time off work in anticipation of his wife giving birth to triplets and the care she would require in the months following.

The complaint states: "É John Arthur, among other things, stated at one point when the plaintiff explained that his absence was due to his need to transport his wife to and from the hospital, I don't know why you have to take off work; can't your wife just take a cab?

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