Friday, June 04, 2010

Online poker rooms for NJ residents could be here by the fall

Online gaming portals for New Jersey residents came one step closer on Thursday, The Press of Atlantic City reports.

State senators released a bill that would dictate how intrastate Internet-based gaming would work, including poker. For many New Jersey residents who love to play poker, this would eliminate them from having to drive to Atlantic City taking away potential business from the city's other venues.

Advocates for the bill claim it could generate as much as $250 million a year for the casinos, The Press reports.

Considering this sounds like found money, it's interesting casino officials did not speak on the matter. With the construction of casinos in Delaware and Pennsylvania, Atlantic City is losing customers to those outlying states. This bill has the potential of losing customers within its own state borders.

Some poker rooms that are barely hanging on - Showboat and Bally's - would have a tougher time if they lost more of its regulars from New Jersey.

How do you think this would effect gaming in Atlantic City?

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Nita Brennan said...

Yeah, this bill just have the potential. It's always been that way and that's the way it ten to one will stay

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