Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Is Taj too dangerous to play?

The Taj Mahal has been packed with poker players over the last few weeks trying to hit the bad beat jackpot, which grows by $10,000 or more a day at this point.

But, for regular players in Atlantic City, some just wish the bad beat would already go away. They don't like going to the Taj, but this opportunity is too much to pass up. Over the last two years, there have been major incidents that have made national news at the Taj Mahal.

First, there was the stabbing that happened in the valet after the there was a verbal argument in the poker room over a seat.

Then, there was the shooting of Ray Kot, which was a targeting attack, but scary nevetheless.

Recently, there was the terrible tragedy of Martin Caballero being kidnapped and carjacked from the Taj parking lot and then killed.

These are just the matters that make the news.

Last night, there was another incident at the Taj where an elderly Asian man was assaulted. He was thrown head-first into the podium where he was knocked out until paramedics arrived on the scene, a witness said. The assailant ran out of the room and through the front doors. There was no word if he was caught.

In light of these problems, is a chance at claiming some of the Taj bad beat worth it?

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