Thursday, January 03, 2008

Shady Poker at Its Finest

I go through poker sites daily to see if there is anything new or fascinating I need to know about. Eh, mostly because I get bored at work and need something to entertain myself.

So, here I am on the Harrah's poker site, where you can get a daily update on the Bad Beat Jackpot. Next to Bally's (the shadiest card room in Atlantic City) is an asterisk. We all know what asterisks mean -- problems.

This is what it says in the fine print though:

"*Bally's Bad Beat Jackpot is paid when a hand of Four Deuces or better, loses to a bigger hand at showdown. Both of the hole cards of the winning hand and losing hand must be in play. 30% of the jackpot is paid to the loser of the hand, 20% paid to the winner of the hand, and 50% is divided between all other qualified players in the room."

Every other Harrah's property is Aces Full of Jacks or better is beaten. The loser of the hand gets 50 percent, the winner gets 25 percent and the rest of the table gets the other 25 percent.

Why do the same rules not apply at Bally's? Is it because all of the shadiness that went on with this room when the bad beat was brought in. I think the bad beat was hit about four times in a week. I might be slightly off on that count, but I think I am fairly close.

I know for a while the Bally's dealers had to use shufflers and shuffle the cards once they took it out. Honestly, I haven't played in months. Ever since a dealer told me to muck my hand in another language.

I get he was being nice to me and trying to help out, but I like to hold up the integrity of the game and I am not trying to win with an unfair advantage.

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