Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My first mistake

I ended up at Harrah’s last night thinking I could hit its 7:15 p.m. tournament. It’s similar to Showboat’s and I enjoy Harrah’s poker room, so that’s where my car headed. It really has a mind of its own.

However, when I got to Harrah’s there was no tournament starting at 7:15 p.m., it moved to 8:15 p.m. and, AND, the tournament is now $80 ($68+$12). Honestly, I could only shake my head at this. It seems whenever I walked into Harrah’s things just change for the worse. I really like Harrah’s, I want to like Harrah’s, but why, oh why, do they make it so difficult.

I guess I’ll be sticking to the Showboat tournament after all. I’m going to try and get there on Thursday night.

I ended up playing $1-$5 stud, which was uneventful. I made a whole $4.

For the record, if anyone asks, I have not gone off to become a nun. I don’t where people hear these things.


freddie said...

1-5 stud? why would you waste your time in a low limit game?? sounds like your second mistake of the night.

i read your columns often and you seem very knowlegable and solid, so i don't know why you wouldn't play NLHE, where real money can be made, and so much more fun. also a limit game gets you no practice in thinking about no-limit decisions, which you must constantly make in tournas (though strategy is different than cash).

btw, how close to ac do you live? i find it so hard to get there more than once a month or so, from nyc. the trop is the best in my opinion, for the fish.

Sooz said...

I'm a huge stud fan and love the regulars who play stud at Harrah's (at least most of them). Whenever, I sit down Harrah's stud game I always say, "I don't feel like thinking today." It's not that exciting, but I always have fun there.

When I don't play stud, I play NLHE, which I also enjoy but take much more seriously.

The one thing about stud is that I can say it has helped make my reads better.

I love about 20 minutes from AC. So, I just head to the casinos whenever I get a night off.

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