Sunday, January 13, 2008

No more Borgata midnight madness

I heard from a Borgata dealer last night that it was ending the midnight tournaments after the World Poker Tour stop is over. Apparently, the Borgata isn't making enough money off of these tournaments, so they are just getting rid of it.

The Taj's midnight madness has been popular, so the Borgata thought it would use that idea and just make it better. While the buy-in is slightly fairer and the structure is a little better, it just isn't doing well enough for the Borgata to want to keep it around.

I have never played in it, so I couldn't give you any personalized view on the tourney. I'm not a fan of the turbo tournaments, which this one was. The Borgata's rounds were 15 minutes long, only slightly better than the Taj's 12-minute rounds.

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