Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tropicana changes bad beat requirments

When Caesars’ bad beat jackpot went off $553,958 in January, Atlantic City was in fervor over the heights of the highest bad beat jackpot pay out in the city. It literally took hours for players to get a seat on the games at Caesars while the jackpot grew and people wanted a shot at that money.

Other casinos in the area took notice and have changed the rules to the jackpot in order to grow the jackpot.

Recently, the Tropicana changed the minimum required hand from quad deuces to quad eights. Even though the jackpot recently hit under those requirements, it seems as though the Trop is trying to cash in on the excitement a large bad beat brings in.

Though this isn’t a terrible idea, there are different thoughts here poker players can have.

1. With the requirement so high, why bother playing there when the bad beat could hit at the other casinos with a lesser requirement?

2. Players who dislike the bad beat may enjoy playing at the Tropicana more often because the bad beat has less of an outcome on the hands with bad beat chasers staying out of hands pre-flop.

What do you think of new minimum requirement? Will it change you mind on playing at the Tropicana?

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