Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bad beat means bad games?

MT was at the Taj last night, trying to get a little taste of the bad beat jackpot, which is above 430K on Thursday. The fun part was the two text messages MT sent me saying two times his table was one card away from the bad beat on the flop. So, with two cards to come, the entire table held their breath hoping, praying and willing to get paid the massive sum.

Obviously, it didn't happen.

One thing MT did note was just how boring the games were. Most of the no limit games were full of nits and there was not a lot of action.

I remember when the Bad Beat got ridiculously high at Caesars, the action was still crazy. Caesars has an action-filled room by nature.

The Taj is a good mix. Even as MT walked the room last night looking for a better game, he just couldn't find any.

"There were no big pots on any game," MT said. "Some people had stacks, but you never saw that money moving around."

Perhaps that is just the norm for a Wednesday night, but it should make a poker player question. Hitting a huge jackpot as the one the Taj has going right now would be amazing, but there is still is poker to be played. So, is it worth going to a poker room where the action isn't good?

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