Thursday, September 17, 2009

A look at the other side from Borgata ladies tournament

We know the story of a man winning the ladies No-Limit Hold 'Em event at the Borgata, but rather than focus on him, Nicole Rowe's local newspaper focused on her success at the table and battle with breast cancer.

I enjoyed this story just because it humanizes the woman.

However, the story here offers opinion rather than fact when it states that Rowe has no hard feelings to Abraham Kirotki. Apparently, this newspaper didn't read the article on

New in this article was The Borgata donated $5,000 to a cancer foundation. According to the story in, Kirotki plans to donate his winnings to charities, including a breast cancer foundation.

Good came out of this story by highlighting the terrible disease.

I wish Rowe the best for her future and for the sake of family and women every where, I hope she beats this disease.

From the Atlantic City Poker Happenings blog, good luck Nicole and beat this damn thing.


Nicole said...

This Is Nicole Rowe and about opinions they are never based on fact so believe everything you read. I have a lot more to be angry about than a nice man I sat with who just happened to beat me in a tournament designed for women. I play with men all the time and what i actually said was that I would be upset if it ruined it for the future of the ladies events because I happen to enjoy them. But no hard feelings for Korotki at all he is a very nice man.

Nicole said...

I meant don't believe everything you read LOL

Sooz said...


thanks for commenting. I appreciate you coming on her and mentioning that. As someone who works in the media business nothing makes me angrier than people who take quotes out of context.

I shoulda known better.

Good luck and I wish you and your family all the best.


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