Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Did this really happen?

At Harrah's last weekend, there was a game where a woman was trying to play with her husband's chips. The dealer told the player, he wasn't allowed to take his money off the game (the man was first just trying to give her some chips to go play slots).

Then, when she offered to play in the game, the dealers said he couldn't give his chips to another player. TRUE!

So when the dealer was getting off the game, the husband thought he was sly and 'hugged' his wife and slipped chips in her hand, which the dealer saw and pointed out.

Finally, the dealer went up to a floor person (I think, Bruce) and told the floor guy the story. 'Bruce' goes up to the game and asks the table to take a vote as to what should be allowed to happen.

If no one has a problem with her sitting on the game with her husband's chips, then it's ok.

C'mon! What the heck is that?

'Bruce' is apparently from Caesars, which obviously makes sense because the rules for poker don't apply there. Harrah's is getting nearly as bad as Caesar's in this respect.

Too bad for the dealers that follow rules because they aren't popular to most players and are becoming extinct.

Anyone else have any bad stories about inept floor or dealers?


Anonymous said...

If I'm understanding this correctly, it seems pretty standard. If the husband was attempting to remove chips from his in-play stack, it would be no different than "going south" (removing chips from play). This is against the rules because it prevents opponents from having the opportunity to win those chips.

Even if his wife were to sit down and use his chips, it would still prevent the opportunity of another player sitting, thus adding more chips to the table.

Ultimately, there should be no case where a player removes chips from his/her stack (with the exception of small tips for cocktail servers and dealers).

Sooz said...

That's exactly what happened and the floor person shouldn't put the dealer and the people on the game in that position.

I've actually heard more stories about the same floor person recently.

It's gotten bad over at Harrah's.

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