Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I've been a bad girl

For those who come to the blog often, you have noticed that I have neglected my blogging duties. the truth is for some time I lost the poker edge.

Far too many times I would go into casinos and deal with players who doesn't understandc courtesy and, even, ethics.

I watched players blatantly showing cards to their neighbor before they even had a chance to act. Then, because the person was a good tipper, the dealer looked the other way. It was difficult to deal with at the time.

I stepped away from the felt for several months to see what the time away would do for me.

I still love poker. I still love what it could be, but I've learned that poker in its current state in Atlantic City is in a world of hurt.

But it's not going anywhere.

Poker is going to stay here because no one cares about the rules. Not players, not dealers and not the floor people.

I'm in the minority in my poker beliefs, which is sad because all I want is a well-run game with no collusion. I really didn't think it was too much to ask, but it is.

However, enough of that. I'm here to say I'm back and I'll be blogging away like I once did.

Just do you know, I'm not crying about any of it because I've learned every situation has its advantages. So every time you show a card to your neighbor, I see it too. And every time you telegraph your hand to your friend, I pick that up too.

Maybe I can't read your text message to your buddy across the table, but I can read you.

Trust me.

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