Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The vote is in

Atlantic City Council votes to delay full smoking ban
Published: Wednesday, October 08, 2008

6:45 p.m. Update - ATLANTIC CITY -- An ordinance that would delay the implementation of a complete smoking ban on Atlantic City's casino floors passed on first reading by a 5-4 vote Wednesday. It must still pass on second reading, or the smoking ban goes into effect Oct. 15.
The casinos have been lobbying City Council to delay the full ban, arguing that it would further harm their bottom lines in a market already hurting from the state of the national economy. They say a full ban would send more customers to other casinos where smoking is allowed.
Public safety officials were limiting access to the council meeting earlier Wednesday after hundreds jammed council chambers to weigh in on the vote.


Wow, that's really disappointing. I hoped that the council would understand the need for workers in the casino industry and patrons to be able to breathe easy. This weekend, while in Milwaukee, I thought about playing a table game. Considered for a short moment when I couldn't get a seat in the poker room.

Besides hearing my boyfriend's voice telling me how stupid I would be if I played, the woman chain smoking next to the empty seat kept me away.

They think banning smoking is going to limit customers, but I know many who are going to come back to casinos because the smoking is gone.

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