Monday, October 06, 2008

I never even got on the felt

The Phillies altered my plan by losing on Saturday. With the sweep, I was going to spend my Sunday taking on the best player players Potawatomi Casino had to offer.

I got to the casino on Monday instead about six hours before my flight was supposed to head back to the East Coast. At noon, the lists were already at least 20 deep. The shortest was $4-8 limit, which was actually what I wanted to play anyway. I get my name on, I’m about 15 names down the list, and there is only one game. I ask one of the check-in people how long is the wait.

When she scrunched her face and gave the half shoulder shrug, I knew I was in trouble. Her answer: “it’s probably going to be a while.”

I don’t play other table games. At least I try not to because I want to keep my money. So, I walked around the casino for quite a while and reminded myself why I shouldn’t ever play table games. I watched people get snapped off left and right in three-card poker and blackjack. It’s a good lesson in saving your money.

After an hour, which I spent chatting with a friend on the phone, I went back to the room. My name was eighth on the list. There were several empty tables and no new ones had popped up since I was last up there. However, there were plenty more names on the board.

I am not going to argue how this poker room is run, but if someone can tell me why there are six or seven empty tables? Do they not have enough poker dealers? I didn’t understand it, and still don’t as I sit at Gate E-67 in the Milwaukee airport.

Another hour goes by of my aimless wandering. Now, I’m second on the list with four hours until my flight leaves.

One of the floor guys sees me staring at the board and asks if I want to go on the list. Well, I’ve been on the list for two hours and have seemingly gotten nowhere. To his credit, he was definitely nice and asked if there was another game he could get me on or if I wanted to play over someone on the $4-$8 game if they went to lunch.

While it was nice that he asked me if I wanted to play on another game, he was full of it. It was an empty gesture because every game had at least 20 names on the list. He wasn’t just going to jump me over everyone.

Instead of playing, I came the airport. That’s where I am now. No playing cards.

Hopefully, next week will be better. I’m headed to Los Angeles and the Commerce or another card room is in my sights.

Maybe the Phillies could do their job this time and take of the Dodgers in four. (Or Dodgers win in four)


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FREDDIE said...

Sounds almost as badly run as the Taj on a weekend night.

Phillies in 7.

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