Sunday, August 10, 2008

Harrah's and Trop Update

Harrah's has a couple of changes I found out about last night.

The first thing is they are having a different tournament schedule. Harrah's is going to run four tournaments throughout the day: 10:15, 1:15, 7:15 (I think, it might be 8:15, though) and 12:15 a.m.

They are starting a midnight tournament and I don't know how popular it's going to be. Taj is the only place that has seemingly been able to run a tournament well. Borgata tried it for a while and then decided it wasn't worth it.

The other change at Harrah's only myself and people over the age of 65. Starting today, they are going to have a .50 cent ante on the $1-$5 stud game. Previously, this was an anteless game and everyone pretty much played here because Bally's has an ante, Taj is timed and raked and Tropicana dropped their game for a $3-$6. People aren't going to be thrilled with this, and Harrah's is only doing it to make more money.

In a regular game, there tends to be a lot of chops and a dealer can go seven or eight hands before they actually pitch out a real hand. This is going to help the dealers. However, I think some of the regulars aren't going to be able to change up their game enough to deal with an ante.

My intent is just to go in there and try to start a $5-$10 game because if I am playing with a .50 cent ante, it's not going to be on a $1-$5 game.

The Tropicana has started a bad beat jackpot as well, and not just for tournaments. It's going to be for all live Texas Hold 'Em games beating Aces full of Jacks or better.

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