Monday, August 04, 2008

Guess What Happened?

I played poker. Twice even.

I learned a valuable lesson in one of the instances as well. Don't open the girlfriend seat up to anyone. For the sake of the story, I want everyone to know that I am a woman, who has a darling boyfriend that taught how to play poker. Actually, even met the boyfriend while playing poker. Then, I knew nothing. Now, I a little more than nothing.

However, no one ever told me that the girlfriend seat was evil. I never actually sat in the girlfriend seat because whenever my boyfriend played, I just played as well. For those who do not know the girlfriend seat is where the girlfriend/wife/lover sits who has no interest in playing and sits behind the guy while watching. Usually, they are drinking or sighing loudly because plastic cards are getting more attention than their plastic breasts.

Well, I had a friend call me one night while playing -- five times. And the dummy in me decided it was OK for her to come and watch me play. I was already annoyed that she called five times for what was seemingly no reason.

When she got there, she tried telling me dumb stories that I didn't care about and then did the audible sighing when I told her while I have cards in front of me, she is not allowed to talk to me.

After the night was over she had the audacity to complain to my boyfriend that I ignored her while I was playing poker. He pretty much laughed in her face and told her that it was her fault that she came. She should have known better.

However, the kicker came when I decided I had enough. She threw my mind for a loop and I decided it was best that I left. She asked me to sleep over, and being the great person that I am, I told her yes. However, on the way out she asked me if I can take across town to see some guy she wanted to get it on with for about five minutes.

I gave her two options because at this point I was sick of her. 1. I take you there, drop you off and find your own way home because I am leaving. 2. You come to my house and stay there.

I've known this girl for only about two months. I don't see this relationship lasting very long.

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