Thursday, August 28, 2008

Atlantic City info right on the sidebar

On the sidebar of the page, I post Atlantic City casino articles. The articles range from a number of topics and many of which I am going to write about, eventually.

For my job, this starts one of the busiest times of the year, so sometimes it's a little difficult to get around to writing articles. However, you will find articles about the Revel casino project and the local union's attempt to try and block the deal. Revel has already begun building the casino, unlike other companies who have promised the same and all that is there is an empty space.

You also find information on poker and anything else I can find about Atlantic City that I think people will find of interest.

It only goes five articles deep, although, I could make it longer if people are looking for information that dates further back.

Enjoy. Atlantic City is a fun town especially with all the B.S. that goes on with the government here.

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