Monday, May 05, 2008

Straight to the River

Against my better judgement and my last post, I played poker last night at Harrah's. The bad beat was up to 131K at the time and I had that small, itty, bitty hope that perhaps I would be going home with a couple of grand in my pocket. The worst a few hundred after beating the donkeys.

The result: An empty wallet and me shaking my head.

I am not into recounting bad beat hands unless it's the type that is going to get me paid. I wouldn't really call of them bad beats in the sense that I killed by one- or two-outers.

The frustrating part is playing your best poker, doing everything you are supposed to and still losing because the other person got lucky. I know, if it weren't for luck bad players wouldn't play. But the bad beat only invites gamblers to your game, so when you raise a $25 bet to $100 on a flop where you actually raised pre-flop and still get called by a draw that has just six outs AND IT HITS ... that's the frustrating part. Twice, last night the straight hit on the river and I lost. Both for sizable pots.

I still played it the right way, but annoying nevertheless.

There was no chip throwing this time. I tapped the table, smiled, threw my hair back and cried my way to my car.

Thank goodness for the government and their rebates.

(That's not me in that picture, by the way.)

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