Monday, May 05, 2008

About the Borgata Tournament

I had no plans in playing in the Borgata Deep Stack Tournament this weekend, but there are others who did and those who tried to play. As I find posts and blogs about experiences, I will post them in this thread only, so as not to cause to much clutter around the blog.

Here's entry #1: Waiting made this guy lose a spot in the tournament. Showering doesn't pay, apparently, but having an alternate ticket does. This is over at

Entry #2: Buddy Dank also has a little info on the Borgata poker tournament. He also has links to other sites.

Entry #3: Actress Cheryl Hines was in the tournament and busted out early. The Courier Post in N.J. has a story about the Curb Your Enthusiasm star.

Entry #4: Here's a little blurb in Card Player about today's final table.

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