Wednesday, December 19, 2007

They Let Anyone In This Joint (cactus i.v.)

Everyone these days wants to be a poker player. Who can blame them? Watching poker players splash around chips like it was nothing has its appeal.

Former tennis champ Boris Becker is throwing himself into the mix. The 40-year-old international star has been training to become a tournament poker player. Either his training is paying off or PokerStars has a little too much many because the world's top online poker site has named Becker one of its ambassadors.

"When I was still playing tennis, I learned to play poker casually in between matches because it helped me to improve my concentration. Now I want to develop my poker skills," Becker told Gary Trask of the Casino City Times.

His first big competition will be the PokerStars European Poker Tour next January and the Grand Finale in Monte Carlo in April.

Becker is a six-time Grand Slam winner and became the youngest player to win Wimbledon when he was 17. His ruthless aggression should help him be a good poker player, especially in tournament play.

"Thanks to his commitment to fighting for every point on [the] court, he perfectly embodies the competitive spirit at the heart of all good poker players," said Tamar Yaniv, Director of Marketing for PokerStars to Trask. "And now PokerStars is giving their players who have always dreamed of facing Boris Becker at Wimbledon the opportunity to compete with him in Dortmund."


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