Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Negreanu Back to the Felt (cactus i.v.)

If playing poker itself wasn't difficult by itself, there are still other factors to consider. One daunting factor is your partner. Not your poker partner that I told you to get a while back. Your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband. This person can effect your game.

If you have a significant other who doesn't want you to player poker, you're in for a long, long relationship. Or, a short one.

Daniel Negreanu recently announced in his poker blog that he is getting a divorce from his wife, Lori, after two years. If you read the blog, you will see there wasn't anything terrible either of them did to the other. She didn't stop him from playing poker, she didn't tell him to not stay out all hours of the night. He didn't yell or scream at her. They seemingly have a pretty good relationship, even now.

However, he does note that once he got married he stopped playing poker os much as he used to on the tournament trail because he couldn't give equally in the personal side and the business side of his life.

He hasn't cashed in a tournament since this summer's World Series of Poker events and only cashed in three events all year.

But things are different.

There's nothing like getting your mind off life than sitting at a poker table and smashing your opponents. Negreanu did just that. Last week, he placed 14th in a World Poker Tour event (he only got about $96,000).

I wish them the best of luck, but I don't think people are going to be excited to see Negreanu back at the tables. Because now he is ready for action.


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