Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Borgata Surveys

According to a post over at the 2+2 forums, the Borgata is doing phone surveys with its customers to see how they like the bad beat jackpot.

I guess the month of Dec., might be more than just a month-long promotion. The casino is checking player interest in a bad beat jackpot. There are five other casinos in town that have the BBJ. Only Caesars seems to really thrive off of it and the only time the other casinos do is when the BBJ is up to a high amount (we're talking six figures).

I think many low limit players prefer a BBJ, while many higher stakes players do not. It's true that the BBJ brings in a different crowd. It sometimes effects the way a person plays.

One night at the Showboat, I had pocket aces and raise. I get raised and then re-raised and when it gets to me I make about $150 to go. One guy calls me, the flop comes and I move all in. He mucks his hand showing pocket 10's and says "I only called because I was hoping to hit the bad beat."

While I made money off the hand, it just shows that people aren't playing with their heads. These are the types of players that come in just for the BBJ.

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