Saturday, September 15, 2007

New Column Up, Updates

I have a new poker column up over It's about bluffing and how I make such a cute liar. Check it out at cactus i.v.

I'll post Poker Phil's second part of Playing the Draw on Sunday.

The WPT is going strong this week. Even if you aren't a good poker player, but love watching it television, you can head over to the Borgata and check out some of the more popular players. Many are easy to talk to and accessible. I guess it all depends on the beats they get.

I'm on vacation this week from my real job and I am going to head over there to check out what's going on. I think I'll also head over to the Showboat today. I'm curious how the tournament did and whether they will make this a recurring thing.

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lisa said...

yeah for linking to the cactus. yup. that's all i've got =]

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