Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gaming Revenue Down Again

I think Atlantic City is learning that it can't be a thriving resort town based on gambling alone. You look at Vegas and it's more than just gambling. You can go there and see great shows, enjoy the nightlife and never worry about gambling away a penny. You can go with any types of people including those who don't gamble and they will still have fun.

Atlantic City has a problem in that sense. If you don't gamble, there is usually not much of a point.

Gaming revenue has declined in Atlantic City for the fifth straight month. Part of the problem is the new slow parlors that have opened in the region from New York to Pennsylvania. I've been to them and I don't care for them. I dislike them actually, but for people who don't mind punching buttons, the places aren't that bad.

In addition, the casino smoking ban has effected the revenue, but I don't mind this so much. I hated all the smoke and love walking through breathe-easy casino floors.

In August, revenue dipped 5.9 percent to $465.2 million. Slot revenue declined 11 percent to $323.5 million, while table game winnings were up 8.2 percent to $141.7 million, according to figures released Monday by the casino commission, according to The Press of Atlantic City.
Of the individual casinos, Trump Marina Hotel Casino had the biggest revenue decline at 13.9 percent, followed by Tropicana Casino and Resort at 13 percent. Revenue also tumbled by double-digit margins at Resorts and at Showboat Casino Hotel.
Caesars Atlantic City was the only casino to reap a double-digit increase in revenue, up 10.8 percent. Harrah's revenue rose 7.1 percent and the Taj Mahal had a 2.4 percent increase to round out the casinos that were higher in August.

Trop sucks by the way. I'm not surprised. The casinos that are doing the renovations and upgrading its hotels are the ones that are doing better.

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lisa said...

The Trop doesn't suck. That's my favorite casino. You can't tell me that nights at RiRa aren't your favorite nights in Atlantic City =]

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