Monday, February 22, 2010

Need to know now what's happening at the Borgata?

Have you been sitting at home thinking to yourself, I wonder what the Borgata poker room looks like right now?

I often wonder about this for many of the poker rooms and since I am not really a phone person, I don't really care to call up any of the casinos just to ask them how many games they have going. I always feel so weird whenever I ask this question like if the guy at the Showboat gives me bad news then I am going to let him down when he hears the disappointment in my voice.

Borgata has a way to let people know just how their room is doing and the number of going on. They created the digital live game report (link), which is updated throughout the day. Sometimes it take awhile for the latest update to come through, but you get an idea just what you're headed into by the report.

My favorite time is to check it on the weekend. I love looking at the big games.

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