Friday, December 12, 2008

Sports betting taking another step

A New Jersey state senate panel is urging Congress to lift a federal ban on sports betting in the state. The panel hopes sports betting will be a big boost for the economy down in Atlantic City.

While I agree with it, I just feel the intentions are bad.

Before no one in Congress wanted sports betting because they were afraid of the mob ties it would bring to Atlantic City. Now, that the city's revenues are falling, no one seems to have a problem welcoming this type of environment.

It probably would help the poker rooms. Most sports bettors enjoy the occasional orbit or two at the table. While they are paying more attention to the game they have bet one, they are playing less attention to the felt, which leads to mistakes.

Seriously, though, it's not like there is no sports betting going on in Atlantic City anyway.

There was the big sports betting ring over at the Borgata poker room, which the people involved have just laughed in the face of the law over this one. Guys that have been arressted have been seen in other poker rooms around town and don't really care about the charges.

In fact, if you see one of them, just ask. They will gladly tell you how they are going to beat the charges and go back to their lifestyle before the fallout.

People bet everyday on sports while playing poker in Atlantic City.

For many, it's a huge leak in their game. But guess what that means for the regular player?

More money on the game. If the bettor loses a game, he'll want to win more back and get stuck on the game for longer. If the bettor wins on a game, perhaps he'll put more money on the game.

One place you won't catch me is at the betting windows.


Freddie Bicknese said...

Too bad it won't be up and running in time to bet on the Eagles to cover the spread this Monday night...

Go Eagles!

Dogcrap Green said...

It's about time.

Even though Nevada is the only state that has it. There are four other states that are in a position to start up.

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