Friday, December 19, 2008

Showboat to change bad beat

I was at the Showboat tonight and was told that once the current bad beat jackpot is hit, which is around 70K that they are changing the requirements to quads over quads.

Right now, the bad beat is aces full of jacks or better, but it should hit pretty soon by the law of averages.

However, there aren't many games going on at the Showboat as the bad beat at the Taj is at 180K right now.


Anonymous said...

Is there any independent confirmation of this? The Harrah's Bad Beat Jackpot website still says it is Aces full Jacks at Showboat.

Sooz said...

I was told this last week by one of the floor people, who was telling his dealers that once the current bad beat is hit, they are changing the way they do the bad beat.

I haven't been to the Showboat since then.

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