Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What We Know About the Taj Killing

Most of this was taken from Pokerking.com. I changed some things if I know them to be different. Also if there are any updates today I am just going to put them in this thread.

Arthur Prince is playing in a $1/$2 No Limit Hold'em game, and Vicente Perez is on the waiting list

-Arthur Prince loses all of his chips in a hand

-Prince stands up, telling everyone at the table that he is going to get more money from the ATM, and to hold his spot

-the dealer apparently doesn't hear Prince say this, and assumes that Prince is leaving the game. The dealer announces after a short while that a seat is open

-Vicente Perez takes a seat at the table-Prince comes back to reclaim his seat and finds Perez occupying it-Prince and Perez get into an argument. Other players at the table claim that they heard Prince say that he was coming back, while the dealer claims to have never heard this

-after ten minutes or so, Perez gets up from his seat and heads to the valet area outside. He has the dealer hold his spot.

-Prince becomes even more enraged because not only does he feel that Perez unjustly scooped his spot at the table, but now Perez isn't even using it

-Prince follows Perez outside and the argument continues. The argument escalates into violence. Apparently Prince starts beating Perez with either a cane or an umbrella. Some published reports have Prince beating Perez with an umbrella; other reports have Prince beating Perez with Perez's own walking cane.

-Perez has a knife on him and proceeds to pull it out and stab Prince in the cheek. The knife hits an artery and blood is gushing everywhere. Prince is pronounced dead at the AtlantiCare Medical Center about an hour and a half later

-an investigation into the event is currently taking place, and Perez is being held on a $500,000 bond

Update: Perez appeared in court and mostly answered questions about his rights. I am interested in seeing where this is going because if all the above is correct, then it seems as though Prince was defending himself. Honestly, I am really bothered by this.

I know poker is tough especially when you are losing. However, that's now reason to lose your cool. You can't go nutso on someone because you suck at poker or took a bad beat. Really, it's just money and, you're at the Taj, there are a million seats available.

Today, someone cut me (not that kind of cut) on a line that I was waiting for 20 minutes. I didn't knife the guy, I stood there and politely walked in front of him when he got to the head of the line.

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