Monday, April 07, 2008

Latest Info on Stabbing at the Taj

A little more has come out about the stabbing over a poker seat at the Taj. People I have talked to said it was an argument over a seat. Quite obviously the dumbest thing I have ever heard happening in a poker room.

I'm serious.

The guy who was killed was Arthur Price, 61, from Berkeley in Toms River. What the hell is wrong with people when you have to settle your arguments with violence. Settle it at the poker table. Take the other guy's money. But fighting in front of the poker room in the valet area is just idiotic. Price was stabbed about four to five times. Twice in the stomach and once in the back. His cheek was also cut.

This was a quote from the Asbury Park Press:

"He was just a very nice man,'' said Ida Imbimbo, a next-door neighbor. "This is the first I'm hearing about it. The police were at their house the other day, but no one was home. He was just someone who was nice to talk to. I can't imagine him in a fight.''

Of course, he was a nice guy. They are all nice. But he also went out side to fight with someone. Awesome.

Frankly, I am not surprised. In the years I have been playing poker, I have never gone to the Taj by myself. I have heard way too many stories about people getting and beat up in the bathrooms. I was told on my first visit to the Taj to never use the bathroom that are to right of the poker room near the arena. Those who have played at the Taj know what I am talking about.

Although, there was a woman on Fox News who was shocked because she said there was no place safe anywhere. Apparently, she has never been to the Taj before that. The boardwalk casinos are full of slime and filth. Not that the marina is any different. However, there is so much trash that comes off the Boardwalk.

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