Thursday, November 15, 2007

A simple solution

I do not condone sports betting. I don't like the idea of it. I probably won't ever do it. However, if the government is worried about mob ties and illegal sports betting in New Jersey there is a simple solution to fix it -- legalize it.

Sure, I know what people are saying. You shouldn't make illegal things legal just so people won't go to jail. But consider this, in Las Vegas what these people did is called a sportsbook. In Atlantic City, it's called jail time.

I am not saying we should legalize marijuana or other drugs before someone goes in that direction. While sports betting is potentially harmful, especially those with gambling addictions, in moderation it could be done right -- just like the rest of Atlantic City. It's a town built on gambling. People who come to AC could bet on pretty much anything they want except sports despite the fact sports lines are readily available in almost every casino.

So, the New Jersey government, which is already in shambles, uses money and people to take down this sports betting ring. Great, they took down people committing crimes. The big problem though is that the state isn't getting a cut from this money. That's why it's so pissed.

If sports betting was legalized in the casinos, the state could tax the hell out of it and get a cut of the money. People bet without getting arrested. The state gets money. Everyone is happy.

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