Thursday, September 09, 2010

Borgata Poker Open starts off well

The Borgata Poker Open started Wednesday with a $400 Deep Stack Tournament.

As much as people have talked about recessions and bad economies, Borgata poker tournaments never really took a hit. To combat the slow economy, the Borgata lowered the buy-in for the main event over a year ago to $2,000. The main event drew well and so did the other tournaments.

This session is no different. The first event drew 964 players contending for a $73,638 top prize.

MT did get in the event, but was knocked out nine hours into event. AA and KK cracked twice, which we all know leaves a sour taste in your mouth. The hand that got him knocked out was prettier.

MT had pocket Kings. Under the gun open raised to $3,500 with $3,000 worth of ante and blinds in the middle. MT pushed for his remaining $19K. The button called and UTG folded.

MT went heads up against A-10. As the button shows, UTG says he folded AQ and another player mentions how he folded an ace. MT is feeling OK thinking he would be able to double with those odds.

The flop: 10-10-9.

The end.


As always, you can follow the action of the Borgata tournament at The Borgata’s Poker blog.

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