Thursday, June 12, 2008

"That's Poker"

Damn, when I heard those words uttered yesterday, I wanted to ring someone’s neck. I am not mad that I didn’t cash, a little frustrated is more like it. I played in the stud tournament for nine hours – NINE HOURS – to only walk away with a sore ass for sitting down for so long.

It was a good experience for me and I actually enjoyed myself for the most part. The people were nice and there wasn’t the attitude you normally get while playing Texas Hold ‘Em. I am not big in recounting hands just for the sake of saying what happened.

I know I played well. I made the right moves when I should and I just got unlucky in the end. My second to last hand, I raised with split Kings. The guy to my left just calls with an ace showing. I bet into him a couple of times until I realized that he actually had another ace the whole time. I lost enough money in that pot because the levels were up to 1,500-3,000. My very last hand, I’m the bring-in with a 4 showing and I have queens in the hole. I complete the bet to $1,500 and it mucks around to the guy to right, who has an ace showing.

By the way, there are already two dead aces. Wouldn’t you know that he has the case ace underneath. Honestly, I didn’t have enough chips at that point to try to hold on. I put my final 1,200 or so in the middle and I never improved. That was my tournament.

Someone I know pretty well took down fourth. I was very happy for him. It was something that he needed as he has a string of bad luck lately, and it has nothing to do with poker. Glad to see something good happen.

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