Monday, March 31, 2008

When It's Been Too Long

I haven't played real poker since last year, literally. It's been that long. At first, the reasoning behind it was because I just wasn't in the mood to play. Anyone who plays poker knows you should never play when you aren't in the mood. You make goofy plays and don't play the way you are supposed to, which is what I did the last time I was at a table.

Then, poker became an incentive. If I lost a certain amount of weight then I would be able to go play poker again (I'm a girl and this is the stupid way I think).

Last week, I was in Tampa for spring training. One of the night I ventured over to the Hard Rock Casino and went in to the poker room. I looked around and watched one hand. Just one and the itch was back. I know poker in Florida is slightly different, but I want to play now.

I need the feel of those chips in my hands and the satisfaction of picking off someone's bluff. I want to throw down my chips and cut them out so deliberately so that someone has to call me.

Of course, many will think that's easy. You live right in Atlantic City!

I'm in Greensboro, N.C. where the closest legal card room is the Borgata. The one time I want to play cards, I am stuck in the middle of a state where there is no where to play.

I have the chance to go to Tampa next week (though it's looking doubtful) and I am definitely going back to the Hard Rock if I do.

However, I have a feeling that come Wednesday, MT and I will be in a cardroom. The two of us have the itch. He actually hasn't played either, but him for different reasons. He has gotten sick of the game, the attitude of many players and just couldn't handle the scene, which includes many reasons that I can't list on the blog.

Despite that MT wants to play again. I am rooting for him.

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